About Proitzen

We deliver revolutionary products and services that are on the cutting-edge of todays dynamic business environment.

Our goal is to increase the efficiency and productivity of your current operations while harnessing new potential for the future. From a clear vision, supported by aligned and integrated strategies to powerful and integrated enterprise software, Proitzen is a one-stop-shop for all your business, information and technological needs.

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Our Approach

Keeping it simple

We strongly believe in products and services that are ultimately user-friendly for everyone involved, embracing current trends in consumer expectations to deliver results that have no trace of complexity.

Driven by evolution

Our passion for innovation and commitment to Research and Development means we deliver a strong competitive advantage through our solutions that continue to adapt and evolve with new technologies and concepts.

Market focus and commitment

With our intuitive understanding of the key markets we are able to deliver preconfigured solutions based on best-practice guidelines that enhance productivity and workflow while reducing cost and risk.

A single, integrated solution

When you invest in a solution with Proitzen you experience the power of a single, cohesive enterprise solution built on a single, consistent modern platform. You also benefit from a direct relationship with us where we take complete responsibility for every aspect of the enterprise solution.

Proitzen is upheld by the strength of our core values

Customer Focus

We strongly believe in empowering you, the customer. From your success comes our success. All our solutions focus on giving you the control to grow and expand your business. We are committed to building strong customer relationships and nurturing and sustaining your business in the long-term.


We believe that the smoother the collaboration between us, the higher the quality of the solutions we present. We see you as partners and adopt a team-approach and hands-on service in providing you with the individualised solutions that you require to maximise your ROI.


In the world of Digital Marketing creativity is at the heart of engaging and winning customers. With every web design, mobile app or content that we create, we seek to engage, entertain, lead and persuade. We are not afraid to think out of the box and try out trailblazing ideas that make your business stand out in the market.

Commitment to Winning

We have our eyes set on the finish line and are committed to winning for our customers as well as our company. We want businesses to work with us because we produce results and to celebrate those achievements together. At the same time we continuously evaluate and update our skills and processes in order to provide optimum quality services to our customers.