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With so many app developers to choose from, how do you know you’ve made the right choice?

We think, visualise and perform differently to create unique and effective concepts that set your brand apart.

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Read on to know why Proitzen is recognised worldwide as one of the best app developers in the market.

We are pioneers in technology

Our team are not just highly skilled professionals, they are also creative thinkers, strategists and inventors. They combine knowledge and experience with the latest in technology to bring you innovative solutions that set the benchmark for others to follow.

Commitment to our customers

Along with passion for our industry comes our  pledge to give our customers the very best. You will get regular updates and product demonstrations as well as close communication with your Project Manager so you can see exactly what stage your project is at. You will enjoy full transparency and a commitment to working together to solve any issues that arise.

We are tailored to entrepreneurs and start-up businesses

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know the challenges you face as well as the aspirations you pursue. From coming up with the right Digital Marketing Strategy and developing the most relevant apps to post-development support to help you optimise your product and increase engagement, Proitzen equips you with the right tools for your business.

Genuine business model consulting for digital products

We help you identify the unique key drivers for your digital business model. With our intuitive understanding of how this industry works we will then work with you to implement strategies that support your key drivers to maximise revenue.

Protecting Intellectual Property

We are serious about protecting your IP with strict internal security measures and about the reality of Non-Disclosure Agreements. We use the mutual NDAs to protect your ideas as well as our own methods. You can rest assured that your IP stays within our organisation.

What we offer

Mobile solutions that function superbly across a range of devices, including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Designing holistic IT solutions that balance business and commercial requirements while achieving your goals.

A comprehensive understanding of finance that allows us to conduct project management and budgeting with finesse.

Synergising a variety of complex data sources to give you efficient workflow and content management.

Taking your project from start to finish with concept formation, development and the implementation of product strategies.

An understanding and ability to skillfully deal with complex Intellectual Property matters associated with large scale projects.