Customer Driven Analytics

In this revolutionary age of data-driven marketing, businesses are facing multiple business challenges that did not exist a decade ago. The phenomenal growth in online shopping has created a 24/7 shopping culture that places greater power in the hands of customers.

With a range of options for online interaction such as social channels, websites and mobile and email options as well as traditional communication channels, customers can be more selective about when, where and how they interact with your brand. Consequently, marketing campaigns need to provide value across multiple delivery channels to offer a complete customer experience.

In the current scenario marketers have to deal with stretched resources, inefficient processes and hidden data sets that can lead to lost revenue opportunities. At Proitzen we give you the benefits of a data-driven approach with an integrated, centralised view of customer behaviour and deep analysis of marketing performance. We understand the full extent of the challenges marketers face in engaging customers with personalised interactions across a growing list of channels, in a relevant context. We are able to extract vital insights and information from undiscovered data sets, bringing it all together with ease, to predict customer preferences and behaviours.

Our strategies involve collecting and connecting both online and offline data to rapidly analyse cross-channel insights about customers. We then bring those insights to market through highly-personalised, real-time interactions tailored to customers at their point of need. We use resources intelligently to extract the full value of customer data and create the perfect interactions across all inbound and outbound channels. Our framework captures a range of data across all channels from website interactions to customer reviews on social media. We increase productivity by automating processes, integrating and transforming data with market-leading speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Solve the issues of extracting data from new sources and let Proitzen give you an integrated, multi-dimensional view of your customers to transform, link and unlock the marketing potential of your data.

What we offer:

  • Facilitating data-driven marketing within an organisation and its departments through organisational cooperation:

    Our focus is on facilitating cross-functionality between teams by  integrating all the departments such as the data marketing department, sales, stores, supply chain and more. Each of these cross functional teams puts data-driven marketing into action to result in integrated marketing management that delivers a centralised view of customer data. As such, we enable customer marketing, digital marketing and marketing operations to achieve alignment and collaboration, allowing them to leverage data insights and increase engagement and sales.

  • Integrating and understanding disparate databases of vital information to create a data lake that enables insight analysis through centralised control of data:

    We empower marketers to achieve a consolidated and complete view of the customer by connecting various forms of data. We simplify integration with existing data infrastructure by using customer data management applications. Integrated access allows the marketing team to understand how to leverage online and offline data to optimise and improve marketing. By giving you centralised control over your data projects, you will enjoy detailed version control as well as multi-server job distribution and monitoring.

  • Analysing data to predict customer behaviour:

    Marketing analytics capabilities and campaign management helps cut through the diverse data and understand what drives purchase decisions leading to better planning of marketing campaigns, improved action and solid business results. In a world of data excess, where they key to effective customer engagement lies in having a clear and cohesive picture of customer preferences, we have the solution on how to create a 360-degree customer view.

    Our tools and framework is focused on building a dynamic and integrated customer view from virtually any source. We achieve high quality data much faster through standardising, geo-coding, matching, linking, and more while ensuring long term quality. By bringing the data together into a multidimensional view and simplifying data cleansing, we create a lifecycle of data that can be used and reused in marketing campaigns.

  • Executing and delivering the right message through the right channel to reach customers:

    We help you take customer engagement to the next level by delivering consistent, tailored messages across multiple platforms including web, email, mobile, social and POS. Our digital messaging applications engage customers through targeted communications, with responsive design capabilities for multiple formats. Additional tools help marketers measure and analyse results to modify strategies. In conjunction with a campaign management solution that targets responsive customer segments, we can leverage digital messaging applications to deliver messages in the customer preferred digital channels. Thus, we drive revenue through enabling the design of customer interactions and structured loyalty strategies.

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