Stakeholder Management

In today fast-paced business environment your organisation deals in increasingly complex networks of customers, suppliers, funders and partners.

We support you in driving business growth and managing risks by building and managing clearly defined and constructive relationships with your key stakeholders.

Benefits of Stakeholder Management with Proitzen:
  • Creating a single source for all your customer and stakeholder information.
  • Building more cohesive and enriching organisational and community relationships
  • Management of multiple stakeholder relationships both internally and externally
  • Business processes that are tailored to specific stakeholders
  • Monitoring and reporting on the successes of outcomes of stakeholder engagements against business objectives
  • Software configurations that cater to interactions with multiple stakeholders

We ensure that critical information is available for your teams at all times, enabling engagements and activities to be managed with internal and external parties. By configuring and managing your business processes you will gain organisation-wide control for all your organisational relationships.

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