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Global business and IT consulting force Proitzen launches new website

NSW Australia, OCTOBER 2015 – Reaching out to more industries than ever before and transforming businesses across the world, Proitzen is excited to announce the launch of its new website at

Featuring a range of sensational new services and solutions, the website is a reflection of Proitzen’s massive growth and expansion. From Application Development, Web Development and Digital and Proximity Marketing Services to Business Consulting and Big Data and Data Driven Analytics, Proitzen offers the entire gamut of tools that a business needs to grow in the modern world.

Proitzen’s skilled team of professionals are experts in producing innovative solutions that meet the complex business and technological challenges that companies face today. With a passion for Research and Development, Proitzen is committed to providing cohesive solutions and products and services that are user-friendly while achieving a company’s goals.

Among Proitzen’s recent successes is the innovative Childcare Solution, Kinderm8, which, since its launch, is transforming the way childcare centres, educators and parents interact and handle their day to day operations.

“We are proud to continue our mission of supporting our customers with comprehensive solutions and services that drive productivity and profitability,” said Niroj Sri, CEO, Proitzen. “Our commitment is to help businesses grow and reach their potential in the face of a dynamic and rapidly evolving business climate.”

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Proitzen is a provider of business enterprise and on-demand software solutions. The company serves customers across Australia, New Zealand and Canada with a portfolio of solutions over 15 industries. Proitzen’s solutions are designed to help companies reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase sales and margins, streamline internal processes and facilitate data analysis. Core Services include Application Development, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Big Data & Data Driven Analytics and Digital Marketing,

Entrepreneurial by nature, Proitzen has a strong customer-focused culture and works on the transformation of businesses through the application of best practice project management.


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